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Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, & More: A Guide to Ethiopian Coffee

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“Experience the true essence of Ethiopia with our premium direct-import beans. Delve into authentic Ethiopian coffee’s rich aromas and flavors, now available in the USA.”

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From Ethiopia's Highlands to America's Heartland: The Finest Coffee Journey Begins Here

Our passion for premium Ethiopian coffee has driven us for over three decades. Merging tradition with innovation, we’ve grown from a humble coffee farm to a global force, valuing trust, dedication, and the unwavering support of our community. Dive in, and experience the legacy of our beans.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffee -Ethiopian coffee tasting notes

vision for the future

Farming, exporting, and importing Ethiopian coffee is our expertise. We package and ship Ethiopian Coffees all over the world. All of your purchasing needs can be met by our professionals.

We are one of Ethiopia’s largest international coffee Importing companies, Importing Ethiopian green coffee directly from our own farms and affiliated farmers’ farms. Serving excellent Ethiopian coffee for 15 years.


To supply and serve outstanding-grade Ethiopian coffee to customers at a reasonable price.


To become one of Ethiopia’s top exporters of natural green beans to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States.


We are dedicated and hardworking, and we look forward to exceeding our clients’ expectations and making Ethiopian coffee more appealing.

ethiopian Green Coffee - 100% Direct Trade

our best organic & fair trade coffees. Each coffee has a unique story to tell.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee

Yirgacheffe coffee is a wet processing (washed) coffee grown at elevations from 1,700 to 2,200

Milling Process:Washed or Sundried

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Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee beans

A wet-processed (washed) Ethiopian coffee best known for its Citrusy and Bright (mouthfeel)

Milling Process:Washed or Sundried

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Bench Maji

Ethiopia Bench Maji Zone Coffee

Ethiopia Bench Maji Guji Zone Coffee

The Bench Maji zone falls into the Forest coffee category. Self-sown, shaded by natural forest trees.

Milling Process:Washed or Sundried

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Ethiopian Limu Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Limu Coffee Beans

Limu is a high-quality wet processed (washed) Ethiopian coffee that exhibits a Mild, Citric acidity.

Milling Process:Washed or Sundried

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Traceable Organic Green Ethiopian Coffee Farming Directly from Ethiopia

Traceable Organic Green Coffee from Ethiopia represents more than a beverage; it’s a testament to sustainable farming practices and a commitment to transparency at every step.

Every bean sourced is grown in Ethiopia’s fertile highlands under organic conditions and is traceable back to its roots.

This ensures that consumers are not merely enjoying a cup of coffee but are partaking in a carefully curated journey from the Ethiopian farm to their mug, which respects both the environment and the hardworking farmers who cultivate the beans.

By prioritizing direct imports, we bridge the gap between Ethiopian coffee growers and global consumers, fostering a relationship built on trust and authenticity. The organic methods employed guarantee that the coffee boasts unparalleled flavor and aroma and carries the very soul of a land renowned for its coffee heritage. It’s a conscious choice that champions environmental well-being, farmer welfare, and an unmatched coffee experience for the consumer.

traceable Organic Ethiopian coffee


traceable Organic Ethiopian coffee

No Chemicals

traceable Organic Ethiopian coffee

Premium Quality

Direct Trade from Ethiopia

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Here's to great-tasting coffee that's farmed with care.

With over 36 years of deep-rooted experience in the Ethiopian coffee industry, our ambition is to stand as the world’s premier importer of Ethiopian green coffee, specifically the Arabica beans native to Ethiopia.

Rooted in the verdant coffee regions of Ethiopia, from Sidamo to Yirgacheffe to Harrar, we’ve intricately woven the rich tapestry of Ethiopian coffee culture, ceremonies, roasting traditions, and the unmistakable Ethiopian coffee flavors into our business ethos.

Our journey, from the bean’s origin in Ethiopia to the cup you savor, is a testament to our unwavering respect for the Arabica beans, the diligent Ethiopian coffee growers, and our esteemed clientele. Our operations span the spectrum of coffee cultivation in Ethiopia, its export, direct import, specialties, and top-tier services. While our catalog boasts a diverse range of coffees, the essence of single-origin Ethiopian coffee stands paramount with its unique profile and tasting notes.

Through countless cupping sessions and collaborations, we’ve fostered profound relationships with some of the globe’s most discerning producers, from millers to exporters. These partnerships have enabled us to curate profile and standard specialty coffees that are meticulously cupped to ensure consistent quality across crop cycles. By intertwining the history and traditions of Ethiopian brews with modern tastes, we aim to provide unparalleled service and the best Ethiopian coffee beans to our clients, be it wholesale or branded selections.

Ethiopian Coffee isn't just coffee; it's your coffee.

Ethiopian coffee beans

Flavorful Impact: Where Ethiopian Coffee Meets Global Progress

Ethiopian coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s an intimate experience connecting you to the cradle of coffee’s origin. Each sip is a journey, not just in taste but in legacy. The beans grown in Ethiopia’s highlands’ rich, fertile soils carry stories of ancient traditions, generations of farmers, and the sacred rituals of the world’s first coffee drinkers. When you choose Ethiopian coffee, you’re not just selecting a flavor profile but embracing a history that has been lovingly cultivated and shared across millennia.

But it doesn’t end at the historical or geographic connection. Ethiopian coffee offers an unparalleled range of unique flavors, from the fragrant jasmine notes of beans from Yirgacheffe to the wine-like undertones from Sidamo. This diversity ensures that Ethiopian coffee isn’t just a coffee; it’s your coffee, tailored to your preference, aligning with your mood, and resonating with your soul. Whether you crave the fruity brightness of a natural process coffee or the smooth, washed profiles, Ethiopia delivers an authenticity that’s hard to find elsewhere.

So, when you pour that cup of Ethiopian brew, know it’s more than just caffeine to kickstart your day. It’s a ritual, a piece of art, a moment of reflection. It’s an appreciation for the intricate dance of nature and nurture that brings those beans to your cup. Indeed, Ethiopian coffee isn’t just coffee; it’s your coffee, a testament to your refined taste and recognition of coffee’s rich heritage.

More than a Cup: Ethiopian Coffee's Promise to Farmers and You

Every cup of our Ethiopian coffee tells a story – one of dedication, community, and a brighter future. With each origin we source from, we’re bringing you the distinctive taste of Ethiopia and ensuring the prosperity of the farmers and their communities. But this narrative doesn’t end with us or them; it includes you. With every sip, you play a crucial role, affirming the value of sustainable farming, community upliftment, and the rich traditions that make Ethiopian coffee incomparable.

The unique cup character of Ethiopian coffee is unparalleled, a symphony of flavors and aromas that is practically impossible to find elsewhere. Those washed in the abundant waters of the southern zones, particularly in Sidama and Gedeo, carry hints of citrus, tropical fruits, and floral notes.

These regions, renowned for their Sidamo and Yirgacheffe coffees, predominantly use washing methods, producing Grade 1 and Grade 2 beans. Meanwhile, in the eastern growing zones around Harrar, where water is a precious commodity, the beans undergo natural dry methods, resulting in Grade 3 and Grade 4 coffees.

This meticulous process preserves their profound flavors and encapsulates the essence of the land they come from. Whether washed or naturally dried, every bean holds the magic of Ethiopia and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Ethiopian Green Coffee Beans
Ethiopian coffee

Beyond Trade: Crafting a Transparent and Sustainable Coffee Legacy Together

At the heart of our operations is a commitment to forging robust partnerships with our customers. We recognize that every carefully chosen lot carries with it its producers’ stories, hard work, and aspirations.

Our role is to ensure that this precious cargo finds its rightful place in the hands of the final buyer. We streamline this journey, making the transfer of ownership from manufacturer to end buyer as transparent and seamless as possible. This collaborative spirit ensures our customers are never in the dark and always feel valued, creating bonds beyond mere transactions.

But our responsibility doesn’t stop there. We believe in giving back to the very roots of our products. By paying premium prices, we ensure that the dedication and craftsmanship of local farmers are adequately rewarded. Our investments in environmental sustainability, continuous education, and stringent quality control reflect our unwavering commitment to the greater good. Moreover, we open doors to global markets, ensuring the fruits of hard labor are recognized and appreciated worldwide.

We advocate for sustainable farming practices and resource conservation by collaborating closely with local farmers and stakeholders. In all we do, we aim to deliver unmatched products and services backed by education and an ethos of integrity and efficiency. Through these efforts, we don’t just do business; we build a better future.

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  • Single Origin Traceable & Certified Farm/Plantation Coffee
  • Single Origin Traceable Cooperative Coffee
  • Single Origin Traceable & Certified Cooperative Coffee
  • Ethiopian Specialty Coffee (ECX Private Exporters)
  • Commercial Coffee
Fairtrade Ethiopian Green Coffee Beans
Ethiopian coffee farming

Rooted in Rich Soil, Nurtured by Passion: Ethiopian Arabica Coffee's Legacy of Excellence

It all starts on the ground

The riddle behind a perfect cup of coffee lies deep within the earth. The land is the primary artist at Ethiopian Arabica Coffee, sketching the initial flavors and aromas. Our devoted farmers, diligent caretakers, nurture their crops in soils that are nothing short of perfect, situated in the most conducive climates for coffee cultivation. On these grounds, our coffee beans begin to embody their unique character and superior quality, setting the stage for an unparalleled coffee experience.

In the sprawling world of coffee, passion is the common thread weaving us all together. From farmers to coffee shop owners, every hand that touches the beans does so out of love for the craft. We recognize the immense value of the farms and everyone involved, so we’ve always championed lasting relationships.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve nurtured partnerships with farmers and roasters, ensuring that the legacy of top-tier quality continues. As we strive to share our exquisite organic Arabica Coffee with the world, we focus on strengthening the bonds within our supply chain. This commitment is more than just business; we promise to ensure that lovers of Ethiopian coffee worldwide get nothing but the best. At Ethiopian Arabica Coffee, we don’t just understand your quest for excellence; we share it.

Don't take our word for it; our customers really LOVE our coffee.

Voices of Trust: What Our Genuine Customers Say About Us

Excellent! Fantastic Company What a great enterprise! I've been shopping Ethiopian Green Organic Coffees from them for quite some time, and while their lightning-fast shipping is amazing, their coffee is their crown jewel! I order whole beans and ground coffee and have never been happier. I look forward to my first cup of coffee when I wake up. Dark Sumatra, known as Sumatra Mandheling, is my favorite and highly recommended.

Ishita Malhotra

HR Manager, based coffee house chain

Working with this Ethiopian coffee Importer has been a pleasure. They only roast fresh when coffee is requested, and their customer care team is always quick to respond when I have questions. Their coffee is of excellent quality, and they will even create bespoke blends for you. They've been accommodating in developing retail choices for our coffees and teas. Ethiopian Coffee Importer LLC. also has a lot of equipment flexibility. They worked with me to find exactly what I needed in our stores. These individuals come highly recommended by me.

Kylo James

M.C., senior director of merchandising, well-known New York City subsidiary of national grocery store chain

Unbelievable! I've now shared this coffee with three others, and they've all been blown away. This Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is currently their primary coffee source. If you try, you'll be ruined for life; it's genuinely a life-changing experience.

Ella Perez

coffee lover, Virginia.

The Very Best The best Ethiopian Coffee importer I've ever had. The best thing that has ever happened to my taste buds is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. They also provide the best customer service. I had a tiny issue, so I contacted them, and they were pretty pleasant to deal with and promptly resolved it. There aren't enough wonderful things to say about them.

Elsie Ross

C.B., Dining Room Manager, Owings Mills, MD

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Ethiopian coffee certifications

Certification becomes an immaculate tool for building sustainability as they achieve a common goal. The certification aims to adapt to good agricultural, environmental, and labor practices. In addition to Atlantica’s 4C and C.A.F.E. Practices – Starbucks certification groups, we are a U.T.Z. certified coffee exporter, which permits us to work with U.T.Z., 4C, Starbucks C.A.F.E. Practices and Certifica Minas. We have warehouse next to Bole Airport.