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All About Green Coffee

Purchasing coffee from us.

We recommend starting with a sample 200g sample of each coffee you’re considering. Once you’ve made your decision, contact us at or +1-608-886-5522, and one of our representatives will be able to assist you with getting set up and having your order shipped out the next day.

Yes, of course! Why should you buy coffee before cupping samples? We wouldn’t, so why should you?

Go to our Get Sample page and fill out the form for a coffee you’d like to taste. Simply fill out the shipping information, and samples will be delivered within 24-48 hours.

We usually send 200g or 0.44 LBS samples, however if necessary, we can send more. Free samples are only available to established commercial roasters due to the high volume of queries we receive (no home roasters please).

Traditional 60kg jute bags are used to package our coffee. We also use a protective polypropylene lining (grain pro) to keep the coffee fresh and high-quality.

One bag of coffee is our minimum order quantity (60kg) or (132 LBS). All of our beans are packaged in grain pro bags, which extends their shelf life and allows smaller roasters to keep their inventory on hand for longer.

Without a doubt! We presently provide Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) and UTZ certified coffees. These are located at the very bottom of our home page.

Definitely. You may learn more about all of the manufacturers we deal with by reading the About us page, which includes information about our Ethiopian family who runs our wetmill and export facilities.

Our Coffee Company, LLC was founded in order to better service the North American and Canadian markets.

Our goal is to assist roasters in expanding their options with Ethiopian specialty coffee without having to deal with the intricacies (and costs) of importing – we’ll take care of that!

We take coffee seriously because it has been in our family for generations. We employ trained Q graders in Ethiopia to cup each and every type of coffee that comes through our plant. When the coffee reaches in the United States, we send samples to be cupped again to ensure that the quality has not been harmed during travel.

We use the cupping protocols and form recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Our coffee is kept in HenneCold Storage-Atlanta warehouse. They’re a HACCP-certified food storage facility that provides both dry and cold storage options.

Yes, we unquestionably do. We not only have it, but our Yirgacheffe can be traced back to our family’s wetmill.


Shipping and Handing 

Our Coffee LLC Company will arrange for the coffee to be delivered to your roastery’s dock through ground trucking (FTL or LTL) at the buyer’s expense from our warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. We’ve been able to negotiate affordable shipping prices with our logistics partners because to our operations’ economies of scale. Customers can, however, arrange for their own shipment if they like. Pickup from our warehouse is also available by appointment only and is completely free.

Before being loaded onto a commercial vehicle, FTL or LTL goods must be palatalized, or piled onto clean, dry hardwood pallets and secured with plastic wrap. The normal method at our warehouse partners is to stack 10 bags of coffee per chep pallet and secure them with shrink wrap. For pick-up orders if the customer does not want to take the pallet, they can offer hand loading.

During business hours, your coffee will be delivered by commercial freight service to a commercial facility.

To ensure that we can surpass your expectations, we will need to understand your order, prep, and shipping choices before we mail out your first item. Each roaster has a profile that can be referred to at any time when an order is placed.

Loading Location Type – Commercial/Residential Is your facility equipped with a dock, or will you need to use a tailgate? Tailgates are considered an added service and will be charged accordingly (usually $30-$40).
Hours — Carriers will need to know if you can accept delivery during regular business hours (8am-6pm). If necessary, alternate hours can be accommodated.

When the carrier arrives at your address, they will prepare the products according to the following information:

Loading Dock: The carrier will back up to the pier and open his trailer; it will be your obligation to remove the coffee as soon as possible. You will have one hour to do so (from the time you arrive) before you will be charged additional fees. Carriers typically transport freight for a number of vendors and/or customers. This means they must keep going in order to satisfy their service level agreements on time.

Tail Gate: When the carrier arrives at your location, he will unload the pallet of coffee from the back of the trailer and place it on the ground. Because this service is simply for transferring the products off the truck to ground level, it is still your responsibility to pick the goods from the curbside.

For a price, further services such as inside delivery and time-sensitive shipments may be available.

Our coffee is in perfect condition when it leaves our warehouse. The grain pro bags are closed with zipties after the jute bags are inspected for holes. Before being wrapped in many layers of shrinkwrap, the coffee will be evenly packed onto a pallet.

Before signing the Bill of Lading (delivery receipt) with the driver, please inspect the shipment to confirm there were no damages during transit. You acknowledge ownership of the freight as-is by signing the BOL. If there are any problems, please note them on the BOL and inform us before signing so that we can make a claim.

We regret that we are unable to accept returns on coffee bags that have been opened. If you have made a purchase from us that did not match your expectations, please contact us. We’ll do everything we can to make things right.

Our terms for first-time customers are “payment in advance of delivery.” After an order history and relationship has been established, we are happy to provide credit terms.

Certainly not! Remember how we stated we were your roastery’s partners. We can discuss our storage alternatives after you place an order so that you can spread out your delivery. We offer storage services for pre-determined periods of time for a minimal monthly price.

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Our Coffee Farmer is independently owned and operated in Ethiopia. We control every part of the fulfillment process, from roast to post. As a result, we offer the affordability, variety, and efficiency

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