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We promise to passionately deliver the highest standards of integrity, service, and selection; to never compromise quality or cut corners; to only make decisions that are in your best interests, and to be sensitive to your needs; to be extremely responsive, reliable, and forthcoming; and to do exactly what we say we will do, without surprises or excuses.

Who We Are.

We’ve been working with farmers to expand our collective coffee knowledge for over 36 years.

For over 36 years, our family has worked in the Ethiopian coffee industry, earning a reputation for reliably delivering only the best speciality green coffee to roasters all around the world, year after year.

Ethiopian Coffee Importer LLC. provides traceable and verified Ethiopian specialty coffee to your roastery directly from our family’s business in Addis Ababa.

We are vertically integrated, meaning we own and run a wet mill in the Guji Zone, an export plant in Addis Ababa, and a warehouse and headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Our company was founded as a subsidiary of Ethiopian Coffee Importer LLC to better serve the North American market with coffee beans straight from Ethiopia.

We have long-standing ties with specialty coffee producers, allowing us access to some of the most sought-after, traceable coffees. Ethiopian Coffee Importer LLC is a consortium of enterprises that import Ethiopian coffee.

What sets us apart from the competition?

We have a large assortment of unroasted coffee for both enthusiasts and experts, at costs that are affordable to both master and trainee.

From Farmers To Customers

We ensure that orders travel directly from our farmer to your doorstep by trading directly with you online. As a result, your coffee will arrive at your warehouse on time.

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At our company We're committed to your success and ready to demonstrate it.


We opened our doors 36 years ago with the goal of elevating our industry. We developed quickly as a result of the trust of many people who we will always remember, cherish, and be grateful for. The last 36 years have been part journey, part whirlwind, with 100 percent effort, 24-hour dedication, hundreds of significant interactions, innumerable tears (both of joy and concern), and lots and lots of laughter. This year, we’ll commemorate our 35 years of success, as well as all those who have contributed to making our Ethiopian Coffee Farm and Company a force and a family in the coffee trade. Thank you!

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Our Relationships

We have solid partnerships with some of the world’s largest and most unusual growers and exporters, providing roasters with a diverse range of specialized options. Consider us a roastery partner with a rolodex full of producers eager for you to experience their beans!

What we all have in common is a passion for great coffee and for cultivating long-term connections with our customers and vendors. We never stop attempting to give a fairer cup as a pioneer in microfinance for farmers, and we’re happy to be a charter member of Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge Committee. Through our cooperation with World Coffee Research, we are also committed to protecting the long-term future of coffee.


We have been exporting coffee from Ethiopia for over 36 years through Ethiopian Coffee Importer LLC, and we are well renowned for delivering only the highest quality Ethiopian specialty coffee, guaranteed. If you’re not happy with our coffee, please let us know and we’ll make it right.

The value we provide extends beyond product quality. Our Ethiopian Coffee Importer Company is just as dedicated to providing outstanding service to support your product investments as we are to supplying exceptional coffees. Exceptional customer service is an important element of your overall experience with us. When you buy our coffee, you can rest assured that you will receive complete customer service from the start of our relationship.


Only Ethiopian specialty coffee is produced, exported, and imported by us. We have a hand in every step of the supply chain, ensuring that only the best beans make it to your roastery.

It is our responsibility to assist our fellow Ethiopians as we witness their daily challenges. This is why we continue to give back to the community by establishing infrastructure projects and donating medical, food, educational materials, textiles, and other items.


“We Are Serious About Our Work. More business from previous customers. More Delectable Enterprise. We exist to provide the greatest quality beans from around the world to roasters. The way we serve and supply roasters across Canada and the United States has helped us build a solid reputation. We like to think of ourselves as a roaster’s best pal. We believe we are assisting roasters and coffee shops in attracting and retaining loyal customers if we can inspect, sample, judge, and critique beans, farms, and mills against our high standards, and only buy the best with consistency.”

Trevor D. William

Founding Farmer

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