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Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, & More: A Guide to Ethiopian Coffee


Our Customer service is fantastic, and we are eager to accommodate our requests. The quality of our Ethiopian Coffee is excellent, which is quite important. We make every effort to fulfill all consumer needs. Communication is the key in our company. 

This excellent Ethiopian Coffee Importer Company has been a long-time partner of ours, and we feel ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to offer their Organic Ethiopian coffees with our subscribers. Our clients are looking for a range of coffees, and they have it. We strongly suggest them to anyone looking for a high-quality speciality coffee who constantly delivers.

Mia Janne - AB Road Eats: Top Southern Picks
I can't say enough about our collaboration with 1000 Faces Coffee. They are pleasant to deal with, quick to respond, and incredibly communicative. They are information sharers in a way that has aided my employees and me in becoming better all-around coffee professionals. This Ethiopian Coffee Importer continues to match our need for wonderful, high-quality coffee that exceeds even the most discerning coffee connoisseur's expectations as our volume grows.
Anna Cynthia - Director of Coffee, MistoBox
Our collaboration with Ethiopian Coffee Importer exemplifies a lot of what we strive for as a cooperative grocery store: community involvement, ethical sourcing, and local cooperation. We offer them with nice, clean supplies to help them run their storefronts and farmer's markets, and they provide us with perfectly roasted, sustainably organically farmed coffee that we proudly stock on our shelves. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved, from the farmers who grow the beans to our thirsty, hardworking neighborhood.
Tony Adam - Owners & Operators, Curiosity Coffee Bar in Columbia, SC
In Petersburg, Virginia, I own two very busy coffee shops. As you might expect, my days are jam-packed with balancing schedules, managing personnel, and serving customers. Because coffee is the lifeblood of my business, I can't afford to have any problems with it. What I enjoy the most about Ethiopian coffee Importer LLC. is that they truly grasp this. The team is sensitive to my demands, and everyone is eager to go above and beyond to ensure the success of my company. They are always willing to assist, regardless of whether the query is about a product or a service.
Ricardo Silva - Owner & General Manager, Heirloom Cafe in Athens, GA
When I owned Sips Espresso Cafe, bringing in Ethiopian Coffee was by far one of the best moves I did. Carrying and serving their coffee transformed my shop from a substandard, failing establishment to the professional mid/high-end establishment that I knew it could be. With all of the wonderful folks at Ethiopian Coffee Importer assisting us and their dedication to quality, we have become a far better multi-roaster coffee store. They set the standard for all of the other coffees we sell.
Joelle Reign - Owner & General Manager, Heirloom Cafe in Athens, GA
Ethiopian Coffee Importer has been a fantastic business partner for our JAVA Coffee Shop. We can't say enough about how fantastic they are to work with, from hands-on training with our personnel to delivering timely customer support. The coffee is excellent, and our clients appreciate the fact that they are supporting a local business.
Margaret Suzanne - Marketing Manager, W Hotel - Midtown in Atlanta, GA
Nothing beats this coffee company and fresh Ethiopian coffee. We tried coffee importers from all around the US, and nothing beats this coffee company and fresh Ethiopian coffee. Their aid with equipment selection, employee training, sample recipes, and general coffee expertise provided us with the foundation we needed to bring wonderful, sustainably sourced coffee to our community. Ordering coffee is simple, and it's delivered fresh coffee beans in a timely manner.
Justin Holland - Specialty Brand Manager, Creature Comforts Brewing Co. in Athens, GA

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