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Attention to detail. It’s required for growing and processing coffee. It’s required for roasting and serving. At all times in between, we believe the same level of attention to detail should be paid for growing our Ethiopian organic green Coffees. While importing Ethiopian coffees from all main producing sources, our mission is to deliver the finest possible client service.


To Provide The Highest Quality
Organic Ethiopian Coffees Products and Services.

Ethiopian coffee’s cup character is nearly impossible to duplicate anyplace else on the planet. Ethiopian coffees that have been washed have a variety of citrus and tropical fruit flavors, as well as floral smells and aromas. The quality of our washed Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, and Kochere coffees from the ECX sometimes rivals that of more traceable, farm-specific lots, despite the fact that they are not traceable. We’re proud of our ongoing farm and coop ties, and the majority of our Ethiopian sourcing efforts are focused on strengthening and maintaining them.

For many years, our company has offered spectacular lots from Yirgacheffe Union coops like Dama and Koke. We were one of the first importers to feature coops from the western areas of Kaffa and Illubabor, and we’ve been offering spectacular lots from Yirgacheffe Union coops like Dama and Koke for many years. Whatever the buyer’s requirements for quality and traceability are, our Ethiopian partners can meet them.

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Our Standard Specialty Coffees strike a good mix between quality and price. Standard lots can be just as delicious in the cup as more traceable coffees, but can be more affordable due to economies of scale. These coffees are the workhorses of many coffee blends, but they can also be served on their own.

Thousands of cupping sessions with growers, millers, and exporters have helped us develop our origin relationships. As a result, we’ve built a shared vision and language with some of the world’s most quality-conscious producers.

Our Mission

Our branding strategy is built on developing consistent flavor profiles to ensure that our customers receive a consistent, high-quality product from lot to lot and season to season. Hours of cupping go into determining each profile in the first place, and even more hours go into ensuring uniformity from shipment to shipment.

We also recognize the importance of having a year-round supply of workhorse coffees. Our speciality coffees, both profile and standard, are meticulously cupped to meet desired quality and features, ensuring that our clients receive a consistent product during each crop cycle and across time.


We see great benefits in openness across the supply chain and in linking roasters to farmers, whether we’re dealing with cooperatives of thousands of small holder farmers or large private estates. Coffee quality and farmer income both rise as a result of collaboration.

We’re also looking ahead to developing origins, alternative procedures, and the continuous security of our suppliers in an ever-changing business. Our global partners within the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe are happy to assist us in our work and ideals (NKG).

Grown With Love on Our Partners Farms

We are a coffee firm for coffee people: growers, buyers, partners, roasters, and consumers, which is how we became one of Brazil’s largest exporters of Arabica green beans in the “Superior” and “Commercial” lines.

Trevor D. William

Founding Farmer

The Ethiopian Coffee Importer LLC Team

Jane Wilson

Financial and Risk Manager

Laura Kyle

Controllership Manager

Daniel Oscar

Coffee Sales Manager

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