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Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, & More: A Guide to Ethiopian Coffee
Ethiopian Coffee Farming
Some characteristics of Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopian Coffee

Due to its wide spectrum of flavors and beans, Ethiopian coffee is one of the most unique and exotic coffees. Ethiopia is the coffee’s birthplace. In Ethiopian coffee, the Arabica species is the most prominent. Long berry, short berry, and mocha are the three sorts of berries. However, due to its large size and flavor, the long berry is the most essential. Ethiopian coffee is grown in the regions of Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Harrar, Gimbi, Limu, and Jimma.

Characteristics of Ethiopian Coffee


This coffee has a delicate and sensitive flavor that reminds me of a jasmine bloom. Because of the altitude variation and dance development, each place has an own flavor and aroma. Citrus and lemon aromas abound in Sidamo green coffee. Yirgacheffe has a toasted coconut flavor. Limo coffee beans have a citrus flavor. Harrar coffee beans have a bold and complex flavor.


The coffee has a small or weak body. That it isn’t very strong. Its acidity, on the other hand, is good and weaker. It offers you a winey sensation when you consume it. The majority of people associate it with tea.

Growth at Higher Altitude:

This coffee is grown at a higher elevation than the others. This is grown up to a height of 8858 feet. As a result of the much greater altitude, this coffee has a very distinct flavor. In addition, coffee grown at a higher altitude has more complex flavors than coffee grown at a lower height.

 Preferable Ethiopian Coffee Beans:

Ethiopian coffee beans are well-known throughout the world for their acidity and high energy levels. As a result, the four Ethiopian coffee beans are listed below.

  • Sidamo Green Coffee Beans
  • Yirgacheffe Beans
  • Harrar Coffee Beans
  • Limu Coffee Beans

Sidamo Green Coffee Beans:

Ethiopia is a major producer of many types of coffee beans. However, Sidamo green coffee beans are well-known for their lower pricing. However, they are of exceptional quality. These beans are often farmed in Ethiopia’s south, where they can be stored at altitudes of 1600 to 1900 meters until being roasted. However, once they’ve been roasted, they can’t be stored for long. Lemon and citrus tones are present.

Limu Coffee Beans:

Wet processing is used to prepare these coffee beans. Their scent is floral. It also has a citrus flavor. It has a lower distribution of smell than the other regions.

Yirgacheffe Beans:

These beans are grown on Ethiopia’s southern coast. It is well-known for its flavor. They have a toasted coconut aroma and flavor. They are really natural. It thrives at a very high elevation. Between 1700 and 2200 meters above sea level is considered this altitude.

Harrar Coffee Beans:

Because of its robust body, this coffee bean is unique. It’s lively and fruity. It has a flowery toned acidity to it. It’s an Arabica coffee variety. Harrar is a type of coffee that is grown in a modest scale. These coffee beans have been sun-dried. As a result of the sun’s dryness, the beans have a robust and deep flavor. It might have a little complex flavor at times.